Quart is only compatible with Python 3.8 or higher and can be installed using pip or your favorite python package manager:

pip install quart


Quart dependends on the following packages, which will automatically be installed with Quart:

  • aiofiles, to load files in an asyncio compatible manner,

  • blinker, to manager signals,

  • click, to manage command line arguments

  • hypercorn, an ASGI server for development,

  • importlib_metadata only for Python 3.8,

  • itsdangerous, for signing secure cookies,

  • jinja2, for template rendering,

  • markupsafe, for markup rendering,

  • typing_extensions only for Python 3.8,

  • werkzeug, as the basis of many Quart classes.

You can choose to install with the dotenv extra:

pip install quart[dotenv]

Which will install the python-dotenv package which enables support for automatically loading environment variables when running quart commands.

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