Deploying Quart#

It is not recommended to run Quart directly (via run()) in production. Instead it is recommended that Quart be run using Hypercorn or an alternative ASGI server. This is because the run() enables features that help development yet slow production performance. Hypercorn is installed with Quart and will be used to serve requests in development mode by default (e.g. with run()).

To use Quart with an ASGI server simply point the server at the Quart application, for example,
 from quart import Quart

 app = Quart(__name__)

 async def hello():
     return 'Hello World'

you can run with Hypercorn using,

hypercorn example:app

See the Hypercorn docs.

Alternative ASGI Servers#

Server name



Server Push

Websocket Response




Serverless deployment#

To deploy Quart in an AWS Lambda & API Gateway setting you will need to use a specialised ASGI function adapter. Mangum is recommended for this and can be as simple as,

from mangum import Mangum
from quart import Quart

app = Quart(__name__)

async def index():
    return "Hello, world!"

handler = Mangum(app)  # optionally set debug=True